Cameo Business Modeler Plugin 19.0 LTR SP1 Documentation

An Activity is a work that is performed within a business process. An Activity can be atomic or non-atomic (compound). There are three types of Activities that are part of a Process:

If the Activity property Is For Compensation is set to true, the Activity will be used for compensation, which means that this Activity will be activated only when a Compensation Event is detected and initiated under the Compensation Event visibility scope. The Compensation indicator (marker) is displayed for all activities that are used for the compensation.

  • Compensation Task with Compensation indicator
  • Compensation SubProcess with Compensation indicator

Activities can be repeated sequentially, essentially behaving like a loop. The presence of loop characteristics signifies that an Activity has the looping behavior. There are two types of looping characteristics defined in BPMN:

  • Standard Loop. A Standard Loop indicator (marker) displayed in an Activity shape shows that the looping behavior based on a boolean condition is defined for this Activity. Additional looping characteristics can be defined, and the Activity will loop as long as the boolean condition is true. The condition is evaluated for every loop iteration and can be evaluated at the beginning or end of the iteration. In addition, a numeric cap can be optionally specified, but the number of iterations cannot exceed this cap.
    • Task with Standard Loop marker
    • SubProcess with Standard Loop marker
  • MultiInstance Loop. A MultiInstance Loop indicator shows that a desired number of Activity instances can be created. The instances can be executed in parallel or sequentially. Either expression is used to specify the desired number of instances or a data driven setup that can be used.

    • Task with MultiInstance Loop marker for parallel instances

    • SubProcess with MultiInstance Loop marker for parallel instances

    • Task with MultiInstance Loop marker for sequential instances

    • SubProcess with MultiInstance Loop marker for sequential instances

The Compensation, Multi-instance Loop, and Standard Loop indicators can be added to all types of Activities.

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