Cameo Business Modeler Plugin 19.0 LTR SP1 Documentation

This section will describe how to use Activities in a BPMN process diagram. Activities (Tasks, Subprocesses, and Call Activities) can have the following specific markers displayed on their shapes:

  • Compensation
  • Standard loop
  • MultiInstance loop (parallel)
  • MultiInstance loop (sequential)

To add a Compensation marker to an Activity, do one of the following

  • Right-click an Activity and select Is For Compensation.
  • Open the Activity Specification window. Click to clear the Is For Compensation check box and click Close.

To add a Loop marker to an Activity

  • Right-click an Activity and click to select Standard Loop or MultiInstance Loop.

To display a MultiInstance Loop (sequential) marker on a MultiInstance Loop activity, do one of the following

  • Right-click an Activity with a MultiInstance Loop (parallel) marker and on the shortcut menu select Is Sequential.
  • Open the Activity with a MultiInstance marker Specification window. Select Is Sequential and click Close.

To convert an Activity to another type of Activity

  • Right-click a Task, SubProcess, or Call Activity and from the shortcut menu select RefactorConvert To and then select an Activity type to which you need to convert the selected Activity.

To display Resources assigned for Activities

  • Right-click the diagram pane and then do one of the following:
  • On the shortcut menu, click to select the Show Assigned Resources check box (see the following figure).
  • From the shortcut menu, select Diagram Properties and in the open dialog, set the Show Assigned Resources property value to true.
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