Cameo Business Modeler Plugin 19.0 LTR SP1 Documentation

A Sequence Flow connects Activities, Choreography Activities, Events, and Gateways. A Conditional Sequence Flow has a condition expression and is drawn with a mini-diamond marker at the beginning of the Sequence Flow A default Sequence Flow is indicated with a backslash at the beginning of the Sequence Flow.

To create a Sequence Flow, do one of the following

  • Click an Activity on the diagram. On the Smart Manipulators toolbar click the Sequence Flow button.
  • Click the Sequence Flow button on the diagram pallet and connect appropriate shapes on the diagram pane.

To add a condition to Sequence Flow, do one of the following

  • Select the created Sequence Flow, open its Specification window and enter the Condition Expression property value.
  • Select the created Sequence Flow and type the condition between the brackets.

A Conditional Sequence Flow outgoing from a Gateway is displayed without a mini diamond marker.

To set a default Sequence Flow

A default Sequence Flow can be specified for Activities (Tasks, Subprocesses, and Call Activities) or exclusive, inclusive, and complex Gateways.

  1. Select the Sequence flow on the diagram pane.
  2. On the Smart Manipulator toolbar, click the Make Default button.

A default Sequence flow does not have a condition expression.

To change direction of Sequence Flow

  • Right-click the Sequence Flow and from the shortcut menu, select Refactor > Reverse Direction.
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