You can resolve a comment, if you have the permission to resolve comments.

To resolve a comment

  1. In the Comments pane or in the content pane (if it's a graphical comment), select the comment you want to resolve. If the Comments pane is hidden, click  on the title bar of a published project (the number on the button shows the number of comment threads in a project).
  2. Move the mouse pointer to the lower right corner of the comment and click the Resolve button.

    • You may be asked to log on to Cameo Collaborator. This happens, when you work on a publicly shared project (as a Guest user) and try to perform any action with comments for the first time. If you have an account on Cameo Collaborator, log on, unless you want to reply anonymously.
    • Once you have replied to a comment, you are automatically subscribed to get email notifications about all new and modified comments in this project.

In the Comments pane resolved comments are dimmed. When a graphical comment is resolved, it becomes grey in the content pane too. If all the textual comments of an element are resolved, the element in the content pane is highlighted in gray.

  • Resolving (unresolving) a comment resolves (unresolves) its replies.
  • Resolving (unresolving) replies of a comment doesn't resolve (unresolve) the comment.