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Reviewer and Reader Views

In a published project, the Reviewer View allows you to see the Comments pane with all the comments of the project. After enabling this view you can also add new comments and perform other comment related actions:

The Reader View is designed to browse a published project without seeing the Comments pane or any comments of that project. There are also no comment related actions available.

To enable the Reviewer or Reader View

  1. Click  in the title bar of a published project.
  2. In the menu, select Reviewer View or Reader View.

The selected view is enabled.

Model and Document Views

The Document View is the mode of a published project which allows to browse it as a continuous document. This means that in the Document View you can scroll through the entire content of the selected tree. When browsing a project in the Model View mode, you have to jump from one tree element to another by selecting it in the Navigation paneThe Model View is the default mode of a published project.

The project mode can be changed by customizing the template that will be used for publishing or from the title bar of a published project.

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