Released on: March 18, 2019

New capabilities
  • URIs derived from elements' names can now be frozen when exporting concept models to OWL.

  • Experimental elements «Phase», «Role», and UML Association Class can now be modeled in the Concept Modeling diagram.

  • You can now right-click on a UML Class or Generalization in the Concept Modeling diagram to manage «Superclass Intersection».

  • When you draw a UML Generalization with the read-only subclass, a legal equivalent-class pattern will be automatically created.

Usability improvements
  • Sample projects now use the new «Necessary & Sufficient» stereotype instead of the old {sufficient} constraint.

  • The Information Model wizard now has another step of merging Classes together.

  • When changing an element's name in synchronization with its IRI, you can derive that IRI from the element's name.

  • Newly created IRI tagged values are now hidden in diagrams.

OWL import improvement
  • OWL Classes that have no superclasses and are equivalent to intersections of Classes will be stereotyped as «Superclass Intersection».
OWL export improvements
  • All remaining types of necessary and sufficient conditions are now supported.

  • A UML Class stereotyped as a «Superclass Intersection» is now interpreted as being equivalent to the intersection of its general UML Classes.
  • A UML Association Class is interpreted as property chains that navigate through a reified Class.
  • «Role» is now interpreted as a pattern of UPCM Library elements.
  • «Phase» is now interpreted as a pattern of UPCM Library elements.
Bug fixes
  • An exported ontology no longer imports an indirectly referenced ontology.
  • A range of owl:Thing is no longer exported for a property typed by an «Anything».
  • A failure in multi-package bulk export to OWL now does not cancel exporting all the remaining packages.
  • Round tripping an OWL ontology through CCM no longer adds superfluous rdfs:label annotations.
  • The owner is no longer shown by default on a UML Class in Concept Modeling diagrams.
  • Importing a model element with a new rdfs:label no longer results in an incorrect update to the IRI of the element.
  • Selecting Suspend in the Information Model wizard now does not show an error.
  • Exporting a UML Class with multiple «Equivalent Class» relations now produces only one equivalent Class axiom per equivalent Class.
  • Importing an OWL individual with an anonymous property value does not fail anymore.
  • Importing anonymous ontology now shows more informative error message dialogs.
  • Exporting disjoint anonymous UML Classes in a UML Generalization Set now exports the correct OWL Class expressions.
  • An anonymous Class with Subclasses but without an explicit «Union» is now treated the same as a union of its Subclasses.
  • Clicking Cancel for bulk export to OWL operation also cancels the export of all the Packages.
  • The '#' or '/' characters in names will be replaced by '_' when generating IRIs.
  • After importing, a «Disjoint With» dependency is not created between Classes in a {disjoint} generalization set.
  • Exporting a UML Class with multiple «Equivalent Class» relations now results in only one equivalent Class axiom per equivalent Class.