The Enable Auto Diagram Assignment tool is very powerful and efficient. It allows you to save time by automatically setting a class and its related elements as a defining diagram. All instances of the class and its related elements outside of this new diagram will be hyperlinked to this new defining diagram. This tool is perfect for saving time whenever you're dealing with multiple classes at once.

To use the Enable Auto Diagram Assignment function

  1. Select your package.
  2. Click Create Diagram.
  3. Select the correct diagram according to your package.
  4. Make sure you name this new diagram the same as the class you're working with.
  5. Right click on the empty diagram and select AutoStyler > Enable auto diagram assignment.
  6. Drag and drop your class into the empty diagram.

This will automatically set any class that you drop in this diagram to the new defining diagram for that class, meaning that every other instance of that same class in any other diagram will become hyperlinked to this new diagram that you made. It essentially works the same as Set Defining Diagram except the part where you have to left-click on the class and manually set it as the defining diagram, with Enable Auto Diagram Assignment it does this automatically. 

Showing how to select the Enable Auto Diagram Assignment option.

Note: Any related class with the Enable Auto Diagram Assignment function applied will immediately become the defining diagram for all instances of that class in every other diagram. Thus every instance of that class will have a hyperlink to the diagram with the enable auto diagram assignment function applied to it. Think of it as an automatic Set Defining Diagram function, any related class will immediately become the defining diagram for that class.