AutoStyler is a plugin used in MagicDraw for non-technical users seeking to understand big concepts from large diagrams rather than having to focus on minute details. This is where AutoStyler comes in, AutoStyler helps simplify large diagrams in a couple of different ways.

  • It allows a class to become the defining diagram for all classes in separate diagrams.
  • It highlights classes that have been hyperlinked.
  • AutoStyler allows automatic defining diagram assignment to classes.

   AutoStyler has four functions: Set Defining Diagram, Repair Styles, Enable Auto Diagram Assignment, and Disable Auto Diagram Assignment. Classes are hyperlinked together using two of the functions of AutoStyler: Set Defining Diagram, and Enable Auto Diagram Assignment. They both do the same thing, but how it is done is different. Repair Styles is used for more visibility purposes, and it is intended to highlight which classes are hyperlinked. Disable Auto Diagram Assignment negates the function of Enable Auto Diagram Assignment. Furthermore, AutoStyler is a customizable plugin meaning you are allowed to change any of the default styles of AutoStyler.

The following links demonstrate how to use the functions of AutoStyler and how to customize AutoStyler: