Released on: November 12, 2018

DOORS module view support

In Rational DOORS, you can now apply the filter that controls the display of particular information in the content section. This new DataHub service pack also allows you to save the information into views. You can deploy views to quickly switch data perspectives. DataHub can now support the flat-hierarchy Module View you can create a Data Source (without links) that represents objects of a particular view. It is also possible to import all objects into MagicDraw by dragging either the Module View Data Source or each node individually into MagicDraw models to synchronize the Module View. Additionally, when more objects are added into the view, DataHub can synchronize them into MagicDraw. Learn more about creating module view Data Sources >>

Creating a Data Source representing objects of a particular view.

The created DOORS Module View Data Source.
Customizable module and object labels in DataHub Explorer

Cameo DataHub 19.0 SP1 now has another capability of designing labels for modules and objects for Rational DOORS Data Sources, allowing you to create labels from appending one or more property values and additional text. Learn how to customize module and object labels in DataHub Explorer >>

Customizing a label of the modules and objects for a DOORS Data Source.

A DOORS Data Source with the customized module and object labels.
RTF and OLE support

Additionally included in Cameo DataHub 19.0 SP1 is RTF and OLE support that allows you to seamlessly and smoothly copy elements in the DOORS Data Source along with text styles, image, and other OLE objects, e.g., embedded Excel spreadsheet and Word files, from Rational DOORS to MagicDraw. Learn more about enabling and disabling RTF and OLE support for text style and image >>

RTF text styles and image as an OLE object are copied from Rational DOORS to MagicDraw.
Exporting schema maps as new templates

You can now export the previously defined mappings of particular modules as new templates for Rational DOORS Data Sources to be effective when importing new modules. Learn how to export schema maps as new templates >>

Selecting the pre-mapped object property in the Schema Map Manager dialog.

Changing the selected map to generic type to export schema map as a new template.