Released on: November 21, 2019

DOORS Baseline support

The new DataHub service pack allows you to read Baseline versions of Requirements and supports both the module Baseline and Baseline set (including sets of modules). The Baseline version can now be created as a new Data Source.

After synchronizing Requirements and adding the Baseline Data Source, you can also copy interrelated DHLinks to the Requirements in the Baseline Data Source to continue the synchronization with Baseline. Learn more about DOORS Baseline Data Source and copying DHLinks >>

The Create data source from Baseline dialog lists all Baseline versions grouped by the Baseline set.
A simpler integration with DOORS without DXL files

With the additional option to directly send DXL requests to DOORS, you are no longer required to perform the driver deployment. Learn more how to configure DataHub DOORS DXL file options >>

Options of the DataHub DOORS DXL file locations.
Exporting attributes to type mappings as new templates

When you have a mapping that defines a type according to the attribute’s values, it is now possible to export the mapping as a template and use it for importing next time.  Learn more about exporting a schema map with attributes as a new template through Schema Map Manager >>

Export Schema Map Wizard allows selecting attribute-defined mappings and choosing type objects.
Support of Requirements' comments in DOORS Next Generation

DataHub 19.0 SP3 is now capable of displaying comment elements under Requirements of the selected DOORS Next Generation Data Source. Learn more how to make comment elements under Requirements visible in DOORS Next Generation >> 

Comment elements are displayed under the Requirement of the selected DOORS Next Generation Data Source.
Up-to-date support of IBM Rational DOORS and DOORS Next Generation versions

In addition to DOORS 9.7 DataHub can work with, it also supports IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation up to 6.0.6.  Learn more about the requirements management tools for DataHub >>

Performance improvement regarding DOORS module

DataHub is now enhanced with a noticeable improvement in performance through the reduced amount of DOORS module opening and closing.

Bug fix
  • No error of DXL file locations occurs when performing DOORS synchronization with the reopen project previously saved.
  • The synchronization from MagicDraw to DOORS while leaving the target DOORS module open no longer displays errors.
  • Links in DOORS modules are now not detected as deleted when checking for node changes after synchronizing data to new link nodes.
  • The problem of migrating server projects from Version 18.x to 19.0 has been solved.
  • Other trivial fixes for the product's increased effectiveness.

You can check the list of publicly available issues or your own reported issues fixed in Cameo DataHub 19.0 SP3. 
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