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Cameo DataHub 2021x Documentation

The latest application supported by Cameo DataHub is Enovia Traceable Requirement Management (TRM). TRM is the requirement management tool on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. All data copy and synchronization features of Cameo DataHub that work with DOORS and CSV files will also be available for TRM Data Sources . In addition, the Single Sign On and SAML are also supported for passing authorization credentials to the platform.

To add an Enovia TRM Data Source

  1. On the DataHub Explorer tab, click <Add Data Source>. The Add Data Source dialog opens.
  2. From the Driver list, choose ENOVIA Traceable Requirements Management.

  3. Enter the address of the 3DEXPERIENCE/3DSpace and click Login with browser.

  4. Log on through the embedded browser shown in the login page.

  5. When the login is done, close the login dialog. DataHub will add the TRM Data Source to DataHub Explorer.


    By default, the TRM tree may show only the owned Requirements that you have created. To see the full list of Requirements, right-click the TRM Data Source node and select Show all elements.

    The Show all elements command for displaying the full list of Requirements.

When the TRM Data Source is connected, you can continue with basic features of DataHub.

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