The functionality of synchronization has been additionally simplified with use of the Define Target Type from Attribute Value option. The synchronization does not limit only to a simple type-to type-mapping and attribute-to-attribute mapping but also a target node type can be defined dynamically according to a specified attribute value.

To copy data and define a target node type from an attribute value

  1. From the Operation drop-down list in DataHub Explorer, select one of the DataHub operations to copy data. The Copy Data with Sync dialog (depending on the operation you have selected) opens.
  2. From the Mapping Mode option, select Group Type Mapping.

    Copy Data with Sync in Group Type Mapping

  3. Select a source node type to start mapping.
  4. Select the  check box.

  5. From the Attribute drop-down list, choose an attribute to define a target node type.
  6. Specify the attribute value to do the mapping.


    • If the attribute is Enumeration, you can select a value from the Value drop-down list for each attribute.

    • If the attribute is a simple data type, you can type any expected value in the Value box.
  7. From the target type box on the right-hand side of the source type box, choose a target node type for that value.
  8. Continue mapping the attributes.
  9. If you have more values for mapping, click to enter more values for mapping.

  10. Repeat Step 5 to 9 to map each attribute value.
  11. When you finish mapping each attribute value, click OK to start copying.


  • The functionality to map between Attribute value and Target type is available only in Group Type Mapping.
  • At least 2 values must be identified for mapping.
  • You can edit or deactivate the mapping in the Schema Map Manager dialog.