Cameo Requirement Modeler Plugin

Released on: July 2, 2018

Abstract Requirement 

The updates in SysML 1.5 specification are related to adding a new concept: the AbstractRequirement concept. It allows you to define and implement any property-based requirement which could be inherited form the AbstractRequirement.

abstract_requirement.pngThe Property-Based Requirement as a Constraint Block extension.

The changes affect the following diagrams:

  • Requirement table - the element type is set to «abstractRequirement» with included subtypes. Custom requirements (inherited either from «Requirement» or from «abstractRequirement») are added as Add New Custom Requirements menu commands.
  • Derive Requirement Matrix / Refine Requirement Matrix / Satisfy Requirement Matrix / Verify Requirement Matrix - the row or column element type is changed to «abstractRequirement» instead of «Requirement».
  • Requirement Containment Map / Requirement Deriviation Map - the «abstractRequirement» subtype is supported as an element type for these relation maps.

Please note, the changes do not affect the common usage of diagrams listed above.