The validation rule checks if:

  • The Diagram Banner displays up-to-date Data Markings that correspond with those added to the element symbols of the diagram.
  • The diagram contains element symbols with added Data Markings, but the Diagram Banner is not created.

    The validation error is not triggered if the Diagram Banner's display position is set to None. The error is only triggered if the diagram's «banner» stereotype has a text tag with no set value, i.e., the banner is removed or not created.



Constrained Element



    • Update - the Diagram Banner is displayed with up-to-date Data Markings.

    • Create - the Diagram Banner is created with up-to-date Data Markings.


The Diagram Banner displays an outdated Data Marking as there are no elements on the diagram with the Secret (S) Data Marking added.
The error is resolved by updating the Diagram Banner via the Update solver.

The diagram contains an element symbol with an added Data Marking (C) but the Diagram Banner is not created for the diagram.
The error is resolved by creating the Diagram Banner via the Create solver.