Data Markings can only be added (individually or recursively) to the element types specified in the Sensitive Element Types project option. By default, the option is set to the Classifier and Package element types.

You can use validation to check whether all elements of the specified element type have Data Markings added. If there are any elements without Data Markings, the Missing Data Marking validation rule is prompted.

Specifying sensitive element types

To specify sensitive element types

  1. In the main menu, select Options > Project. The Project Options dialog opens.
  2. In the General group, select Data Markings
  3. Click the three dots button edit.png next to the Sensitive Element Types option.
  4. In the Select Element Type dialog, select the element types you want to make sure always have Data Markings added. Click OK.

    By default, the option is set to Classifier and Package.

  5. Click OK.