In order to add Data Markings to the elements of your project, you need to create Data Marking Categories with the needed Data Markings. You can either create your own custom Data Marking Categories or use the DoD Data Marking Categories that come with the plugin (DoD Data Markings library). 

We recommend that you create custom Data Marking Categories and their Data Markings in a separate project. That project would then be used in projects where the Data Markings would be added and viewed. To learn more about the recommended project structure and work process, see the Process page.

The structure of a DoD Data Marking Category Security Classification.

A Data Marking Category element should have:

  • A Data Marking Category name.
  • Tagged Values:
    • Priority
    • Rankings
  • Data Markings. Each Data Marking should have their representation attributes specified as well.

To learn more about the main Data Markings and Classification properties, see the Main properties page.

This section contains all necessary information for creating and managing Data Marking Categories and Data Markings: