1. From <flexnet license server installation directory>\conf, open the server.xml file for editing.

2. In the line

<user firstName="System" id="admin" lastName="Administrator" password="(ENC-01)K86frDi5qtLwVo2R+jXtOV1WakoJaaqqgFqNvGLy91OVdbhJ" passwordExpired="false" privileges="admin" type="local-admin"/>

change the password key value to "aa" as shown in the following example:

<user firstName="System" id="admin" lastName="Administrator" password="aa" passwordExpired="false" privileges="admin" type="local-admin"/>

3. Restart lmadmin (end the lmadmin process and start it again manually).

4. Connect to the FlexNet server (the default address is http://<server_name>:8090) with the following credentials:

User Name: admin
Password: aa

5. In the User Configuration tab, click Edit, enter a new password and save it.