Modeling Tools*


x64 (64-bit) Architecture, 2022XR1 Apple M1 or higher



The memory allocation for the modeling tool by project size:

Project Elements Count
(including used projects)
Allocated Memory 2
Earlier versions2021x and later 1
1.5 million1 million6GB
2.5 million2 million7GB
5 million3.5 million11GB

The amount of required memory proportionally increases if working on multiple projects.

1 the project elements count is different due to the profiling data storing metamodel optimized in 2021x (decrease by 40-80% in SysML and UAF projects).

2 these memory requirements are indicative and may vary by project specifics.

The operations that require more memory (1, 2, and 3.5 million of 2021x project elements, respectively):

  • UPDM migration to UAF - 10GB, 10GB, 36GB
  • 2022XUAF 1.1 migration to UAF 1.2 - 40GB3, 50GB4
  • Converting between UAF, DoDAF2, DoDAF, MODAF, NAF, NAF4 frameworks - 8GB, 9GB, 13GB
  • Element/Content History - 10GB, 15GB, 27GB
  • Project Merge - 11GB, 13GB, 21GB5
  • Project Clone - 12GB, 14GB, 22GB

3 Project size 2 million elements.

4 Project size 5 million elements.

5 Strongly depends on the number of detected changes between merged versions (in this case, the specified required memory is for merging projects with 1.5k changes in total).

Disk space

The recommended disk space for installation and configuration files is 3GB or more, depending on the used plugins, project type (local or server), and project size. In addition to this, large server projects require extra disk space for configuration files: 

Project Elements Count
(including used projects)
Disk Space
Earlier versions2021x and later
1.5 million1 million6GB
2.5 million2 million10GB
5 million3.5 million30GB

The amount of required disk space proportionally increases if working on multiple projects.

Note: Element History and Content History features usage require significantly more disk space due to intensive caching at the client-side.

Depending on the feature usage scenario (e.g., retrieving content history from old/distant project versions multiple times), the disk space might increase by up to 100GB.

Display resolution**Full HD (1920x1080) or higher
Operating Systems

Any Java SE 11-compatible operating system (Windows 10, 2022XR2 Windows 11, Windows Server, Linux (RedHat 7/CentOS 7, RedHat 8), Mac OS (Monterey, Big Sur, Ventura (known issue with app)).

Java Virtual Machine (JVM) versionJava version support

* Magic Software Architect, Magic Cyber Systems Engineer, Magic Systems of Systems Architect, MagicDraw, Cameo Systems Modeler, Cameo Enterprise Architecture

** 800x600, 1280x1024 display resolutions are compatible with a laptop or a projector.

FLEXnet License Server

For system requirements, refer to the Release Note of the specific version.

Teamwork Server discontinued

Teamwork Server is discontinued, beginning with version 2021x. Teamwork Cloud should be used instead. Learn more about migrating from Teamwork Server to Teamwork Cloud >>