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Sign in using TWCloud Admin

After applying the TWCloud license and starting Teamwork Cloud (TWCloud), you can log into Teamwork Cloud Admin (TWCloud Admin). 

To sign in to TWCloud Admin

  1. In an internet browser, go to http(s)://<machine ip>:<port>/webapp. For example, if the machine ip is and the default port is used, the URL will be


    The default port is 8443.

  2. When the authentication page opens, enter your user name and password to sign in.

Sign in using authentication server

TWCloud uses an authentication server to allow users from a remote machine to sign into TWCloud. These users are normally connecting from an LDAP server or SAML. The Server Settings page provides an option for you to select whether to convert them into external users once they are signed in. 

Every time an external user logs into TWCloud Admin, the TWCloud system will send the username and password to the connected LDAP servers for authentication. If they match the user account on any of the LDAP servers, TWCloud Admin will allow the user access to the system.

Once you are logged in, you will be redirected to landing page depending on your role/ permissions. To navigate in TWCloud Admin environment use the app bar. Depending on their roles and permissions, some users may not be able to access some specific content in the TWCloud system or view the detail.

The first page that opens after successful login varies according to the user role or his latest activity in the TWCloud Admin.

Sign out

To sign out of TWCloud Admin

  • In the top right corner click  button and select Sign out to sign out of the current user account.