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The hyperlink is a reference to another location that you access by clicking a highlighted text or element. Hyperlinks ensure fast access of information directly from your model. You can create hyperlinks in text, on elements, or on entire diagram to link them to external or internal resources. For example, a hyperlink can open a file from your file system.The following figure illustrates all available hyperlink types.

Visual representation of hyperlinks is outlined below:

    • Hyperlink in text is underlined and blue. For example, .
    • Hyperlink on element or diagram:
               - In the Model Browser, the icon appears on the element. For example, , .
               - On the diagram pane, on the symbol, the icon representing the subject to which the hyperlink is added appears. For example:
                            - To a webpage:
                            - To a file:
                            - To an element or diagram:
                            - To OSLC resources, wizards, validation, and reports:

      If the element has an active navigation target then an active navigation target icon is show on a symbol. You can choose whether to show the icon by changing a value of the Environment Option Show Active Navigation Icons. By default, this option is set to true.

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