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MagicDraw 19.0 LTR SP3 Documentation

Our modeling tool supports these extensions of UML diagrams, as well as various other types of diagrams:

Working with Diagrams

For general information about working with diagrams, read Diagramming. If needed, you can either enable or disable a plugin that allows you to create the appropriate extension diagram in the Plugins options group of the Environment Options dialog.


You can create various types of classes in every class diagram using a Pattern Wizard. It contains GOF, Java, Junit, CORBA IDL, XML Schema, and WSDL design patterns. You can also create new patterns and modifications of existing ones using Java code or JPython scripts.

To open the Pattern Wizard

  1. In the Class diagram, click the Class by Pattern button. 
  2. From the Class's shortcut menu, select Tools and then select the Apply Pattern subcommand. 
  3. Select a Class and select Apply Pattern from the Tools main menu.

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