You can define all model elements in the Specification window.

MagicDraw shortcut menus, toolbars, and browser help ease the task of editing model elements.

You can also edit model elements and symbol properties directly in the Properties tab, which is located at the bottom of the Model Browser.

The Specification window is used to define UML model elements such as class, package, activity. The Specification window is a non-modal window in which you can edit model element property values and work with a model simultaneously.

To open the Specification window, do one of the following

  • From the selected symbol shortcut menu, select Specification.
  • Double-click a symbol on the Diagram pane or in the Model Browser.
  • Select a symbol on the Diagram pane and press ENTER.
  • The element Specification window opens when you add a model element to an owning model element in its Specification window. The second Specification window opens on top of the first. Use the Back to or Forward to arrow buttons for switching between windows.