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MagicDraw 19.0 LTR SP4 Documentation

Categorized view button
Categorized view
Groups properties by the categories.
Alphabetical view button
Alphabetical view
Lists properties alphabetically.
Show description button
Show Description
Shows or hides the description area of the selected property.
Expand All button
Expand All
Expand all collapsed categories.
Collapse All button
Collapse All
Collapse all expanded categories.
Strip Multiline Text button
Strip Multiline Text
If the text in the property cell (e.g., ToDo) covers more than five rows, it is finished with ... showing only those five rows. The complete text is available in the tooltip or in the cell edit mode.
Properties list
Change the properties display mode to Standard, Expert, or All. Select Customize, to customize displayed properties.
Show Private Inherited button
Show Private InheritedShow the inherited properties.
Hide Inherited RelationsHide the relationships that are inherited.

The toolbar configuration can vary according to the selected property group.