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MagicDraw 2022x Documentation

Validation can run on:

To start the validation of the entire model or its part

  1. Open the Validation dialog. How to open the Validation dialog >>
  2. Specify the following options:
      - Validation Suite.
      - Validate For.
      - Minimal Severity.
      Learn more about each of the option >>
  3. Click Validate.
    The model or its part is validated against the selected validation suite.

To validate the diagram, table, matrix, or relation map

  • On the toolbar of diagram, table, matrix, or map, click the Validate Diagram button Validate Diagram.
  • Right-click the diagram, table, matrix, or map in the Containment tree, select Validation > Validate DiagramValidate Diagram.

To validate the element(s)

  1. Right-click the element in the Containment tree.
  2. In the shortcut menu, point to Validation and select:
    • Validate Element  - to validate only selected element.
    • Validate Elements Recursively -  to validate all child elements of the selected element.