The expression evaluation capability in the expression editor allows you to run/execute an expression on the actual testing model while editing.

Expression Evaluation dialog showing the expression body on the left and values of parameters on the right.

To open the Expression Evaluation dialog

  • In the modeling tool main menu, click Tools, and select Expression Evaluation.

While evaluating your expressions, choose:

  • Language. Select the language for the expression. To ensure the best performance experience, it is strongly suggested that you use the recommended languages (Binary, Structured Expression, or Groovy).

    The icon color next to the language selection reflects performance, i.e., green for fast (Binary, Structured Expression, Groovy), yellow for medium (Jython, OCL2.0), and red for slow (Javascript Rhino). If the performance is unknown, an info icon appears.

  • Use Selection. Set to true, if you want to use the selected elements as the evaluation criteria. Elements can be selected either in the Model Browser or in the diagram, but not both.
  • Iterate through selection. Select the check box to evaluate model elements one by one.

The Expression Evaluation is also available in the dialogs, wherein you can define expressions, e.g., Expression editor, Dependency Criteria, Body and Language dialogs. If you want to start using the expression evaluation in one of these dialogs, click the Evaluation Mode button.

Dependency Criteria dialog showing the location of the Evaluation Mode button on the right.