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Code can be generated out of prepared UML models. Mapping should be implemented between the identifiers used in the UML model and the language to which the model is being generated. This mapping includes the following sections:

  • Build-in types (their default values)
  • Generalization types
  • Possible class declarations. Attributes and operations declaration and visibility modifiers
  • Code generation options.

A separate prop file is created for every language supported in modeling tools developed by us. Files are located in the <modeling tool installation directory>\data folder. The file name pattern is lang.prop, where lang stands for the name of the programming language.

The following table lists supported languages:

Supported LanguageFile of Properties
CORBA IDLidl.prop
XML Schemaxmlschema.prop

Files of language properties are separated into sections where all related elements are grouped. You can edit existing entities, add new ones, and change the default values.

We strongly recommend that you edit default values only. In general, all sections have a list of possible and default values for the element.