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This feature is available in Standard, Professional, Architect, and Enterprise editions.

The Generic Table in MagicDraw gives you the ability to manage selected elements and their properties in a single place.


A Generic Table displays a list of selected elements and their properties in a single place. Using Generic Tables enables you to: 

  • Edit property values of listed model elements.
  • Create selected type elements.
  • Create new derived properties or custom columns.


Example of generic table

The Generic Table project sample allows you to read about the Generic Table feature and analyze examples within that project sample.
To open the sample, do either:

  • On the Welcome screen, select Samples > Diagrams > Generic table.
  • Go to <MagicDraw installation directory>\samples\diagrams and open the generic table.mdzip file.

All the examples given in this section are based on the data from this sample.

Specific tasks in Generic Table

All procedures dedicated only for Generic Table are as follows:

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