Profiles can be created in any project. However, often many projects use the same profiles. In order to reuse the same profile, it must be created as an independent file with shared data called a module.

To create a Profile as a module

  1. Create a new project.
  2. In the Model Browser, right-click the root Model  and create a new Profile.
  3. Create a new Profile diagram inside the Profile.
  4. Create stereotypes in the diagram.
  5. Use Associations and Generalizations between them if needed.
  6. In the Model Browser, from the created Profile shortcut menu, choose Project Usages > Share Packages.
  7. Select the Profile as shared, enter its description, and click OK.
  8. Save the project.

Now you may use this profile in other projects.

To use the created profile in other projects

  • From the File menu, choose Use Project and select the project file. Only shared packages of the module will be loaded into the project.


If you don’t want to see particular information, move elements from shared packages into the root model or other non-shared packages in your module.