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Moving Teamwork Server to another machine

  1. Stop Teamwork Server.

    Back up all data in case of unsuccessful data transfer.

  2. Install Teamwork Server on another machine.
  3. From a machine with an old installation, C:\ProgramData\ copy the .magicdrawserver folder to the same location of a machine with a new installation.
  4. Start Teamwork Server.

Moving an activated (locked to a particular computer) license from one computer to another (rehosting)

  1. Deactivate the license of the old installation.

    Use deactivation from the software side or deactivation with the License Deactivation ID. It is treated as the confirmed deactivation and does not decrease available rehost limit.

  2. Install the Teamwork Server on the new machine.
  3. Start the Teamwork Server and activate the license.

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