Released on: March 31, 2016

Usability improvements
  • A new Concept Modeling Diagram type and palette has been added to aid in the creation of Concept Models.
  • Creating an association now provides default names for all navigable properties derived from each property’s type.
  • Replaced Make subclasses complete and Make subclasses disjoint menu options with the new Subclasses Complete and Subclasses Disjoint menu options introduced in MagicDraw 18.3.
Bug fixes
  • Go To > Subsetted property on diagram and Go To > Redefined property on diagram menu options:
    • no longer fail for large diagrams
    • no longer cause a stack trace in MagicDraw 18.0 and 18.1.
  • Properties stereotyped as «Annotation Property» no longer export as data properties.


AutoStyler 18.0
  • Bug fix:
    • Repairing a style no longer ignores a specialized diagram style.
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