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If you are using pure::variants for defining your feature model, you can use the Model Transformation Wizard to perform the model variation in a modeling tool.

To realize variations using the Transformation Wizard

  1. In a modeling tool, open the system model (a super model, 150% model).
  2. In the pure::variants window, click the Open a pure::variants Model button and browse through your file system to open the pure::variants configuration file.

  3. In the same window, click Select a Variant  and select a particular variant from the list.

  4. In the main menu, click ToolsModel Transformations. The Model Transformation Wizard opens.
  5. In the first step, as a transformation type, select Variant Realization and then follow the wizard instructions.

  6. in the last step, Specify transformation details, you can clean variation point data after transformation. If you set this property to true, all the variation points applied on a transformed element are removed from the resultant model.
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