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Description of the QUDV model library

This model library is designed in such a way that extensions to ISQ and SI can be represented, as well as any alternative systems of quantities and units.

The SysML 1.5 QUDV library:

The QUDV (Quantity Unit Dimension Value) library is introduced in OMG SysML Specification 1.5: Annex E: Non-normative Extensions > E.5 Model Library for Quantities, Units, Dimensions, and Values (QUDV).

SysML's QUDV in OMG SysML 1.4 ISO 80000 collection.

Description of sub-libraries

Sub-libraries are located in the modelLibraries folder in the installation directory of your modeling tool. The SysML plugin consists of those sub-libraries:

  • ISO-80000.mdzip. ISO-80000 model library consists of specific quantities and units that are defined by ISO 80000. Full details of ISO-80000 Library Model definitions are available in OMG SysML Specification 1.5: Annex E: Non-normative Extensions > E.6 Model Library of SysML Quantity Kinds and Units for ISO 80000.

    • The ISO-80000 library is loaded by default in the MagicGrid Blank and MagicGrid QuickStart projects.
    • If you work with projects older than version 18.0, which use the QUDV library and SysML 1.3 library, the ISO-80000 library will not be compatible.
  • ISO-80000-Extension.mdzip. The ISO-80000-Extension library extends the ISO-80000 library with the collection of imperial, nautical, and common units.

    The ISO-80000-Extension library is loaded by default in the MagicGrid Blank and MagicGrid QuickStart projects.

  • QUDV.mdzip.  QUDV model library consists of main definitions of new units and quantity kinds system as specified in OMG SysML Specifications, for example, SimpleUnit, SimpleQuantityKind, DerivedUnit, DerivedQuantityKind, AffineConversionUnit, UnitFactor, QuantityKindFactor, and many more. Full details of ISO-80000 Library Model definitions are available in OMG SysML Specification 1.5Annex E: Non-normative Extensions > E.5 Model Library for Quantities, Units, Dimensions, and Values (QUDV).

  • SI Value Type Library.mdzip. SysML Plugin provides a model library that contains predefined value types. You can use them for typing the Value Properties in your SysML model. These value types use the units and quantity kinds defined in the QUDV model library.

    NameUnitQuantity Kind
    Aampere : SimpleUnitelectricCurrent : SimpleQuantityKind
    A/m amperePerMeter : DerivedUnitmagneticFieldStrength : DerivedQuantityKind
    A/m² amperePerSquareMeter :


    currentDensity : DerivedQuantityKind
    Bqbecquerel : DerivedUnitradionuclideActivity : DerivedQuantityKind
    Ccoulomb : DerivedUnitelectricCharge : DerivedQuantityKind
    cd candela : SimpleUnitluminousIntensity : SimpleQuantityKind
    cd/m² candelaPerSquareMeter :


    luminance : DerivedQuantityKind
    Ffarad : DerivedUnitcapacitance : DerivedQuantityKind
    Gy gray : DerivedUnitabsorbedDose : DerivedQuantityKind
    H henry : DerivedUnitinductance : DerivedQuantityKind
    Hz hertz : DerivedUnitfrequency : DerivedQuantityKind
    Jjoule : DerivedUnitenergy : DerivedQuantityKind
    K kelvin : SimpleUnitthermodynamicTemperature : SimpleQuantityKind
    katkatal : DerivedUnitcatalyticActivity : DerivedQuantityKind
    kgkilogram : SimpleUnitmass : SimpleQuantityKind
    kg/m³kilogramPerCubicMeter :


    massDensity : DerivedQuantityKind
    lm lumen : DerivedUnitluminousFlux : DerivedQuantityKind
    lx lux : DerivedUnitilluminance : DerivedQuantityKind
    m meter : SimpleUnitlength : SimpleQuantityKind
    m/s meterPerSecond : DerivedUnitvelocity : DerivedQuantityKind
    m/s² meterPerSecondSquared :


    acceleration : DerivedQuantityKind
    mol mole : SimpleUnitamountOfSubstance : SimpleQuantityKind
    mol/m³molePerCubicMeter : DerivedUnitamountOfSubstanceConcentration :


    squareMeter : DerivedUnitarea : DerivedQuantityKind
    cubicMeter : DerivedUnitvolume : DerivedQuantityKind
    m³/kgcubicMeterPerKilogram :


    specificVolume : DerivedQuantityKind
    m־¹ reciprocalMeter : DerivedUnitwaveNumber : DerivedQuantityKind
    Nnewton : DerivedUnitforce : DerivedQuantityKind
    Papascal : DerivedUnitpressure : DerivedQuantityKind
    rad radian : DerivedUnitplaneAngle : DerivedQuantityKind
    s second : SimpleUnittime : SimpleUnit
    S siemens : DerivedUnitelectricConductance : DerivedQuantityKind
    srsteradian : DerivedUnitsolidAngle : DerivedQuantityKind
    Sv sievert : DerivedUnitdoseEquivalent : DerivedQuantityKind
    T tesla : DerivedUnitmagneticFluxDensity : DerivedQuantityKind
    V volt : DerivedUnitelectricPotentialDifference : DerivedQuantityKind
    W watt : DerivedUnitpower : DerivedQuantityKind
    Wb weber : DerivedUnitmagneticFlux : DerivedQuantityKind
    °C celciusTemperature :


    celciusTemperature : DerivedQuantityKind
    Ω ohm : DerivedUnitelectricResistance : DerivedQuantityKind
  • SIDefinitions.mdzip. The SI Definitions library consists of predefined units and quantity kinds in QUDV system that you can use in your model. You can customize the units and value types.

  • SISpecializations.mdzip. The SI Specializations library consists of a diagram (and Blocks). It demonstrates how to extend the current QUDV system.

  • SysML_SI_Definitions_Library.mdzip.

  • QUDV_SysML1.4.mdzip.

Loading the ISO 80000 library

If you want to use the full ISO 80000 library in your project, you can:

To load the full ISO 80000 library for a separate project, do either

  • Select the value in Compartment area and click the ISO button on smart manipulator toolbar.
  • Click Options in the Containment tree and select the Show Auxiliary Resources option. The ISO-80000 package appears in the Containment tree. Right-click it and select Project Usages > Load.
    The full ISO-80000 library package stored as auxiliary resource in the Containment tree.

    All standard units and value types are loaded.

To specify the ISO80000 library usage each time when opening the main project

  1. On the main menu, select Options > Project Usages. 
  2. On the right side of the Used Projects dialog, select the ISO-80000.mdzip package.   
  3. On the left side of this dialog, in the Load Mode area, select desired mode:
    - Always load - the library
    is always loaded when  the main project is opened. 
      - Autoload -
    the library is not loaded when the main project  is loaded. Modeling tool monitors user activities in the project and loads  the particular used project on the demand by the project. 
      - Autoload with prompt -
    this mode is similar to an Autoload mode. The  difference is that modeling tool asks the user a confirmation before loading it.  
      - Manual load - the library is not loaded when the main  project is loaded. The model integrity is not broken, as all required elements of the used project exists, just simplified versions (that is,  loaded as proxies) of the elements are used in the project. This load mode is recommended for all used projects that are stable or rarely  modified. 
  4. Click OK.
  5. Reload the main project.
    The ISO-80000.mdzip package is used in the main project according to the selected mode.

Loading the basic units from ISO 80000 library

You can load only the basic SI, US customary, naval and imperial units from the ISO-80000 and ISO-80000-Extension libraries instead of the whole library.

To load the basic units from ISO 80000 library

  • When creating a new SysML project, set the Use Basic Units Library option value to true.
  • Directly on Value Property symbol: select the Value Property symbol and click the ISO button on the smart manipulator toolbar.

    The basic units library is uploaded.

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