SysML Plugin

Released on: June 4, 2021

The 2021x Refresh1 release introduces Behavior to Structure synchronization, Contextual Relationships enhancements, and other improvements.

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Behavior to Structure Synchronization

You can now keep your Internal Block diagram (IBD) consistent with Activities with less effort! Our brand new behavior-to-structure synchronization allows you to validate Part Properties in an IBD to check whether Proxy Ports exist and are typed by compatible Interface Blocks based on flows found in Activities. As a result, instead of manually updating IBDs to be consistent with Activities, coherence between them is ensured by automatically detecting inconsistencies and providing the user with the solvers to handle each inconsistency individually.

Synchronizing IBD based on Activities

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Contextual Relationships Enhancements

Contextual Relationships have undergone major improvements! From now on, you can create contextual relationships directly in structure tree view tables and represent data in table columns by considering the usage context of the row elements. 

Creating contextual relationships in tables.

Additionally, for a more compact Internal Block Diagram (IBD) view, you can now represent contextual relationships in the Element Properties compartment of the element shape.

Displaying contextual relationships in the element compartment. 

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Other improvements
  • In earlier versions, the Show Parts filter was hard to use in larger projects: only a limited list of connectors was visible; and identifying the connectors was difficult in some cases. This version brings enhancements that will allow easy searching, identification, and selection of all connectors which are connected to a partUsing this dialog, you can easily filter connectors and choose which ones should be displayed in the table or hidden from it. Learn more >>