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The modeling tools always support the latest versions of standards. The SysML Plugin 2021x supports the SysML 1.6 specification.

Conjugated Interface Block

One more way to model conjugated ports is to create the Conjugated Interface Block which has the same features as its original Interface Block except that its Directed Features and Flow Properties are reversed (conjugated). Learn more about Conjugated Interface Block >>

Interface Block with reversed direction prefixes of Flow Properties.

Binding Connector notation

The ability to change the Binding Connector notation keyword from "equal" to sign "=". Learn how to create Binding Connector >>

The Binding Connector notation.

«AddFlowPropertyValueOnNestedPortAction» stereotype

The new stereotype «AddFlowPropertyValueOnNestedPortAction» is created which enables values added to a flow property to propagate out through a specified behavioral port of an object executing the action, rather than all behavior ports exposing the flow property. It also enables values added to a flow property to propagate into objects.

The «AddFlowPropertyValueOnNestedPortAction» stereotype in profile.

AdjunctProperty principal type

The AdjunctProperty principal type is changed from Element to NamedElement.

The comparison of principal type changes in 2021x version and earlier versions.

FlowDirection, FeatureDirection and ControlValue enumerations

The FlowDirection, FeatureDirection and  ControlValue enumerations are renamed to FlowDirectionKindFeatureDirectionKind and ControlValueKind  respectively.

The comparison of enumeration in 2021x version and earlier versions.

The Value Type compartment

The Value Type compartment attributes is renamed to properties.

The comparison of Value Type compartments in 2021x version and earlier versions.


  • The «PropertySpecificType» stereotype is renamed to «pst».
  • The initialValue compartment is renamed to  initial values.
  • The s ignal receptions  compartment is renamed to  receptions.