Datastax has discontinued the Community Edition of Datastax Cassandra, whose stack included OpsCenter.  As a result, Teamwork Cloud now runs using the Apache Cassandra 3.11 distribution.  The unavailability of Datastax OpsCenter has created a need to develop an alternative monitoring stack.  The upside is that we have now developed a monitoring stack which also monitors metrics directly from Teamwork Cloud on the same panel.

The monitoring stack is based on open source tooling.


The following components constitute the monitoring node:

  • InfluxDB - time series database for collecting the metric data
  • Grafana - dashboard visualization layer
  • Jmxtrans - Collector to retrieve JMX metrics from remote hosts

The following components are deployed on each TWC/Cassandra node:

  • Telegraf - system metrics collector
  • Dropwizard metrics-graphite-3.1.2.jar - metrics publishing agent for Java

On a single node installation, all components may be installed on the same node.  On multi-node systems, the monitoring node components may be installed on one of the nodes (or on a separate machine), while the other components are deployed on each node.

The following sections provide instructions on how to setup the monitoring stack.