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Teamwork Cloud 19.0 LTR SP4 Documentation

Teamwork Cloud (TWCloud) has the following features:

      • Based on the EMF standard to support a wide and extensible range of modeling languages.
      • Built on top of a distributed Cassandra database with proven big data capabilities and enterprise class robustness.
      • A scalable model repository with collaboration and configuration management support.
      • Supports clustering and failover to ensure scalability, reliability, and performance. 
      • Supports REST API that provides a possibility to query and manipulate TWCloud data, for example, detailed user information, roles, and projects. Furthermore, it allows performing basic operations with resources. 
      • Tooling for handling sensitive data spillage accidents.
      • OSLC provider support exposing model element data according to OSLC Architecture Management (AM) vocabulary.
      • Flexible role-based access control mechanism.


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