Beginning with the 2021x release, Teamwork Server will no longer be supported. Teamwork Cloud should be used as the product for collaborative modeling and model version control. Since the usual migration flow from Teamwork Server to Teamwork Cloud will no longer apply, users still using Teamwork Server will have to migrate their server projects to Teamwork Cloud 19.0 series first and then gradually upgrade to a newer Teamwork Cloud version. 

Migration from TWS to TWC workflow.

The upgrading process is gradual. This means that after migrating to Teamwork Cloud 19.0 SP3 or 19.0 SP4, you have to upgrade to a newer Teamwork Cloud one version after another, e.g. to 2021x, then to 2022x, and so on.


Before you start the migration from Teamwork Server to Teamwork Cloud, commit all Teamwork Server offline project changes. Version 2021x and future versions of the modeling tool will not be able to open offline Teamwork Server projects. 

Migration workflow

  1. Update your older Teamwork Server version to Teamwork Server 19.0.
  2. Migrate from Teamwork Server 19.0 to Teamwork Cloud 19.0 SP3 or 19.0 SP4. 
  3. Upgrade your Teamwork Cloud to the latest version. 

    Make sure your current Teamwork Cloud version is at least 19.0 SP3. Migration to TWC 2021x only works with schema version #26. Learn more about Teamwork Cloud schema >>