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  • All projects must be committed.
  • The projects' directory back up is created.

Automatic update

  1. Stop Teamwork Server.
  2. Start Teamwork Server. The Teamwork Server dialog appears.
  3. Click the Check for Updates button. The Update Information dialog appears.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • Click Update to New Version, to apply the latest released product version.

      If you are using the commercial activated license, it is recommended to deactivate it first. After the update is complete, activate the new license.

    • Click Apply Patch, to apply the latest released service pack.

    If the new version or service pack uses the newer Java version, the message appears to download the required Java version. Click Yes.

    For more information about the recommended Java version, see Java version support.

  5. If you are updating to the new version, in the message informing that the deactivation is successful, click OK. Then start Teamwork Server.

Manual update

  1. Stop Teamwork Server.
  2. Deactivate the current license for the Teamwork Server.
  3. Remove Teamwork Server from services, if it was added.
  4. Run the installation file.

    • If you need to restore the data, install a new Teamwork Server version into the new location.
    • Under Choose Java Virtual Machine, select Use the Java VM installed with this application.
  5. Start the newly installed Teamwork Server. The Import Configuration dialog opens.
  6. In the Teamwork Server License Manager dialog, enter the license key. 
  7. Remove the old Teamwork Server version.

Upgrading Teamwork Server manually without GUI

  1. Stop Teamwork Server.
  2. Deactivate the current license for the Teamwork Server.
  3. For the Windows operating system, remove the Teamwork Server NT service, if it was added. Skip this step for other operating systems.
  4. Extract the MD_UML_<version number>_teamwork_server_no_installs.zip.
  5. Start the new Teamwork Server without GUI.

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