LDAP stands for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. It is an open standard protocol used over an IP network to locate and access directory servers. Teamwork Cloud Admin makes use of LDAP to access data, in this case, users on LDAP servers. Therefore, with Teamwork Cloud Admin, you can easily import users from other external databases or LDAP servers. Once you import users, you can assign them some roles or resources and even convert them into internal users. Teamwork Cloud Admin uses LDAP to import users only. The users' data are still stored on the LDAP servers. You cannot edit information or profiles of the users imported from LDAP servers.

The LDAP management page allows you to add LDAP servers before you can import users from them. It also shows information about LDAP servers that are external but configured for Teamwork Cloud. Teamwork Cloud Admin's user authentication during login also searches for the user in those directories. The authentication process starts from the first LDAP server on the directory list. You can, however, select which server gets authenticated first by changing the order using the up and down arrow buttons.

The LDAP management page.