Teamwork Cloud provides a set of REST APIs for server management. REST APIs are essential properties in Teamwork Cloud that allow you to query data about user accounts, roles, projects, and that provide access and basic operations for the resources. REST API also provides an administrator-friendly way to manage the server because it can be run in the text mode and in a shell script.

The documentation of REST API is provided in Swagger, available with Teamwork Cloud installation, where you can find the description of the APIs in both machine-readable and human-readable formats. Teamwork Cloud REST API documentation in Swagger is accessible at The API document is also bundled with Teamwork Cloud installation. You can access it from https://<Teamwork Cloud IP>:8111/osmc/swagger

Having Swagger come with the Teamwork Cloud installation makes it the most convenient way to issue REST API to the server. It allows logging in and calling the server from a web browser. While calling to the server, Swagger also shows a cURL command that the user can copy to and execute in the command line or use in a batch script instead.