Teamwork Cloud Admin lists all connected Teamwork Cloud nodes in a cluster and their respective log files in the Server Status table on the Server Settings.

The server status and the log files on the Server Settings page.

Each server node in the cluster provides the IP address or domain name with port, RAM usage, CPU usage and operating system information. Moreover, it also provides a log file, which is a file that records all user activities in Teamwork Cloud such as log in, log out, and check out projects. The server nodes are arranged in an ascending numerical order by default. In Linux, the RAM Usage includes RAM allocated to buffers and disk cache, so it is not indicative of the available RAM. For actual available RAM, you can use the monitoring stack, which will provide insight into OS, Cassandra, and Teamwork Cloud metrics.

The Server Status table will be automatically updated every 30 seconds, the last update time of the table is shown at the bottom of the table.

To download a log file

  1. Go to the Settings application.
  2. Select Server Status from the left side menu.
  3. Click  to download a log file from a specific server node. The file will be downloaded and saved on your computer. 

A log file downloaded from contains recent content with a capacity of 20,000 lines (the maximum size).