UAF Plugin 19.0 LTR SP1 Documentation


The PV-2 provides a timeline perspective on programs. The PV-2 is intended primarily to support the acquisition and fielding processes including the management of dependencies between projects and the integration of DoDD 5000.1 Defense Acquisition System policies to achieve a successfully integrated capability. The PV-2 is not limited to the acquisition and fielding processes.

The intended usage of the PV-2 includes:

  • Project management and control (including delivery timescales).
  • Project dependency risk identification.
  • Management of dependencies.
  • Portfolio management.


PV-2 can be represented using a PV-2 diagram which is realized as a Gantt Chart.

PV-2 Project Timelines

Use of PV-2 should support the management of capability delivery and be aligned with the CV-3 Capability Phasing model, if one exists.