UAF Plugin 19.0 LTR SP1 Documentation


The Resources Processes (Rs-Pr) domain describes the functions that are normally conducted in the course of implementing operational activities in support of capabilities. It describes the functions, their inputs/outputs, function actions and flows between them.

The Resources Processes (Rs-Pr) domain addresses human and system functionality.

The primary purposes of The Resources Processes (Rs-Pr) domain are to:

  • Develop a clear description of the necessary data flows that are input (consumed) by and output (produced) by each resource.
  • Ensure that the functional connectivity is complete (i.e., that a resource’s required inputs are all satisfied).
  • Ensure that the functional decomposition reaches an appropriate level of detail.

The intended usage of the The Resources Processes (Rs-Pr) domain includes:

  • Description of task workflow.
  • Identification of functional system requirements.
  • Functional decomposition of systems.
  • Relate human and system functions.


The Resources Processes (Rs-Pr) domain is represented by:


Resource Processes

An example of the process diagram

An example of the process flow diagram
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