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UAF Plugin 19.0 LTR SP3 Documentation

UAF Plugin

Released on: November 15, 2019

The 19.0 SP3 release comes with:

  • a new Resources to Capability mapping matrix, improved BPMN compliance support,
  • enhanced switching between perspectives and project conversion, and
  • a convenient way to create Process Flow diagrams from a defined Process composition

Also, we implemented a number of Gantt Chart improvements, including highlighting Capabilities when their Sub Capabilities are removed, creating Legends, and some usability improvements.

This release introduces many new features, as well as fixes of major issues.

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Methods and Standards

Smart Perspectives

Switching between perspectives was significantly improved for this release. Now when you change the perspective, the project is not converted to another framework.  Only the graphical user interface changes. If you intend to convert the project, you need to do that manually. 

Learn about converting a project >>

New Resources to Capability Mapping matrix

Resources to Capabilities Mapping (Rs-Tr) addresses the direct and indirect linkage between Resources (Enterprise Phase, Operational Agent, Resource Performer, Service Specification, Actual Enterprise Phase, Actual Enduring Task ) described in the Resources domain and Capabilities specified in the Strategy domain. 

BPMN Compliance Mode improvements

The BPMN Compliance Mode improvements are as follows:

  • When you turn the mode on in a UAF project, BPMN stereotypes are applied to all UAF elements.
  • The BPMN Traceability matrices, maps, and tables are included in the UAF project.
  • Improved reports.
Diagramming Improvements

In the Phasing Gantt charts, you can choose to highlight Capabilities when their Sub Capabilities were removed from the chart. You can also choose the highlight color.

Top Capability display conditions

In the Chart Properties dialog, you can now choose a condition to highlight the availability of capabilities. There are two available options:

  • Select AND condition to highlight the Top Capability bar in red when any capability is unavailable in that period of time, and in black when all sub capabilities are available.
  • Select OR to highlight the Top Capability bar in black when any sub capability is available.

Easy Process Flow Diagrams Creation

Now you can conveniently create Process Flow diagrams from the Process diagram with the defined aggregation/composition of activities/functions.

Learn about creating Process Flow diagrams >>

Legends in Gantt Charts

Beginning with this version, you can use legends in the Gantt Chart diagrams to increase their readability.

Learn about using legends >>

Usability Improvements
  • Zooming in all Gantt Chart diagrams has been updated to be consistent with zooming in diagrams. Now the Ctrl+Scroll up or down will zoom the entire Chart and Shift+Scroll will control the timeline.
Key Issues Fixed

This version resolves the following key issues:

  • Sending Resource and Receiving Resource now is set in the Realized Resource Exchange.
  • Resources to Operational Activities Mapping (UAF), SV-5b (DoDAF2.0) matrices now display all relations.
  • The TWC project is no longer corrupted after switching perspectives.
  • Specific symbols are now displayed correctly after saving and reloading the project.

You can check the list of publicly available issues or your own reported issues fixed in UAF Plugin 19.0 SP3. 
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