Released on: November 18, 2022

In version 2022x Refresh1, Cameo DataHub introduces many new features and improvements. Now you can create synchronization between existing data with newly introduced operation and customize node types in the DOORS data source by importing a custom JSON file. You can also benefit from the two-way synchronization of multi-value properties and mapping enumerations with empty values when working with ENOVIA Requirements.

Creating Synchronization Between Existing Data

Create Sync, a new type of operation, is added in the list of Cameo DataHub operations. The Create Sync operation will create synchronization (DHLink) on existing data. Before, in order to create synchronization (DHLinks), you were required to copy data from the data source to the model (Cameo). This new operation allows you to create synchronization(DHLinks) without replicating the data. A wizard will help define source, target, and key attributes based on which synchronization between source and target data sources are created.

Newly created Create Sync operation available in the list of Cameo DataHub operations
Two way multi-value properties synchronization with ENOVIA Requirements

Cameo DataHub connector for ENOVIA Requirements is enhanced with the new capability to enable two-way synchronization for multi-valued attributes. You can map and synchronize enumerated values of the attributes on both sides of the connection.

Multi-valued attribute mapping.
Mapping Enumerations with Empty Values

Cameo DataHub connector for ENOVIA Requirements is enhanced with the new capability to enable empty valued attributes. Now, you can select <no value> to be mapped to an attribute which does not have any value assigned. This scenario comes in handy when no value is a legitimate value on the list of possible values for a selected attribute.

Mapping properties with empty value attribute
Customizing node type according to the JSON template

A new feature is introduced in Cameo Datahub, which allows you to import a custom created Json file for DOORS data source. You can create rules for an attribute's values in order to customize node type using a Json file. 

Selecting Import Configuration command for adding the custom .json file.
Support for ENOVIA Requirements 22xFD03

Cameo DataHub connector for ENOVIA Requirements is now compatible with the platform version 2022x FD03.