Cameo Simulation Toolkit 19.0 LTR Documentation

You can communicate with a parametric evaluator directly through the command prompt, which is located in the lower part of the Simulation Console pane. You can click the arrow of the language selection drop-down list to the right of the command prompt and select a language you want. Once selected, the language will appear in the command prompt in the Console pane. For example, if you select Matlab, the language in the command prompt will change from "»" to "matlab»" (see the following figure). 

Selecting a Language for the Command Prompt
Selecting a Language for the Command Prompt.

You can enter an expression or a command, which is written in the syntax of the language you selected, in the command prompt and press the Enter key on your keyboard to simulate it (see the following figure). 

Executing Expression in the Command Prompt
Executing Expression in the Command Prompt.


You can also use the command prompt in the Simulation Console pane to communicate with the script engine by selecting a scripting language from the language selection drop-down list. For example, selecting JavaScript will cause the language to change to "js»". 

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