You can import LDAP users and groups, known as external users or groups, from an LDAP server to the TWCloud system. All imported data are stored in the external servers or LDAP servers. Use the following applications to import LDAP users and groups:

  • Users application.
  • Settings application.

To import users or groups at least one LDAP directory must be added to the TWCloud system (see Adding and configuring LDAP server).


  • Because of the LDAP export limit, the TWCloud Admin console can only import 1000 members at a time.
  • When you query already existing username to import to the TWCloud system, only the user information will be imported. In other words, an LDAP user with a matching username will be synchronized with an internal or external TWCloud user.
  • TWCloud supports Unicode characters in the usernames of the imported users.

To import LDAP users or groups through the User application

  1. Go to the User application, click the  and choose Import users & groups. 

  2. Select an LDAP server from which you want to import users and groups.
  3. In the search bar, type a username, group name or LDAP query, and press Enter. A list of usernames that matches the username or LDAP query will appear. 


    The system will connect you to the LDAP server automatically because it reuses the system username and system password you entered on the LDAP Configuration page. See the option in Adding and configuring LDAP server.

  4. Choose one or more usernames/group names to import by selecting the check box(es).
  5. Click Import. If the imported user is new, an external user will be created and the role assignment will be assigned to the user. If the user has been imported before, the existing user information will be updated but the role assignment stays the same.

Upon importing users and groups, you can copy roles and assignments from other users to them. See the section Copying roles and assignment for more information.