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Viewing user details

The way you view user details depends on the type of a role user are assigned. Users with following roles can view user details:  User Manager, Security manager, Resource Manager

User categories

  • To see all users in the system select Users from left side menu.
  • To view only internal or external users select Internal or External from right side menu category.

To view user details do one of the following:  

  • Click   next to the user and from menu select View user details.
  • Click on user row, the User pane for selected user will open. 

Editing users

When you are viewing user details in the User pane, you can select to edit the details in the User details card.

  • To edit user details, click Edit.

Select to remove or edit. 

A User Manager can edit an internal user's data, except the username. Information cannot be directly edited via User pane for external users imported from servers. If you need to edit the information (except the username), you must convert the user to internal first.

Another way to edit or remove user is to click    next to the user and from menu select Edit user details.

Enable or disable users

It is possible to disable login for user. To enable or disable user login you must have User manager role

To enable/disable user login, do one of the following

  • Click    next to the user and from menu select to Disable user/Enable user.
  • Go to User pane and select to edit user details,
    •  Change sliders position next to Enabled (slide left to disable, slide right to enable user`s login). 
  • Go to User pane and click  on Account card, Actions menu will open. 
    • From menu select to Disable user/Enable user. 

If you disable a user's access while he or she is online or logged in, TWCloud Admin will not log them out immediately. Changes to access permission will take effect immediately once the user logs out.

Resource details preferred management

You can set how user will be able to use Resource application.

  • Enable Resource details preferred management and resources will be opened on a single click in Resources application. 
  • If you disable Resource details preferred management, the resources will be opened with a single click in Resources application.

Changes related to Resource details preferred management switcher will take some time (about 1 minute) to be updated in the system.

Reset Password


Only a User Manager can reset another user's password. Therefore, an unauthorized user cannot see the Reset Password section on the User.

Only internal user`s password can be reset.

To reset password, do one of the following

  • Click    next to the user and from menu select to Reset password.
  • Go to User pane click  on Account card, Actions menu will open. 
    • From menu select Reset password, Reset password pane will open. Write in new password and click