After an author shares a published model, you can start reviewing the model and give feedback to the author.

When you are provided with the link to a published model, you can review it and give feedback.

You can provide feedback in a form of textual and graphical comments. Textual comments can be written for any element, including its properties displayed on the content pane. Graphical comments can be drawn on all images, e.g., diagrams, maps, and matrices.

To review a published model and give feedback

  1. Open the Cameo Collaborator document you want to review.

    Non-public documents

    If the document you are trying to open is not shared publicly and you are directed to the login screen, log in to Teamwork Cloud.

  2. Do the following:
  3. When you finish, notify the author so that he/she can react to your feedback.

When an author updates a model and/or replies to your comments, you can repeat the cycle shown in the figure above.