MagicDraw 19.0 LTR Documentation

In the Project Options dialog, click the Symbol Styles option group, to expand the tree hierarchy of all the styles defined within the project. You may use as many of these styles as you wish.

Shape and Path trees have the inner structure to help you find the model element for which you want to change the symbol style. The right side of the dialog contains possible choices and the instruments to manage them.

Project Options dialog. Default style of symbol properties

Before changing symbol styles, we advise you to make a copy of the default style so you can come back to it if needed. You can make a copy by cloning the default style, which will create a new style. You can make changes in any selected style.

To create a new style by cloning the existing one

  1. In the Symbol styles group, select Default style and click the Clone button.
  2. Enter a name for the new style.
  3. Change options of the new style.

As stated previously, you can create several symbol styles. You can set the desired style to be your default at any time. 

To make a selected style your default style

  • In the Symbol styles options group, select the style to make the default and click the Make Default button.

You can change Default symbol styles using the Set Select Symbol Style as Default button in the diagram toolbar. If you do not see this button, you need to change Perspective to the Full feature or customize perspective.  

You can select to apply one of the predefined styles for the existing diagrams.

To apply the selected style

  • In the Symbol styles group, select the style you want to apply and click the Apply button.

You can also apply the desired options to selected diagram model elements. Click the Apply button in the specific element's pane.

You can move your earlier defined symbol styles between other projects or users. Simply export the defined style and pass it on for other projects or users to import.

To save the created style (export)

  1. In the Symbol styles group, click the Export button. The Save dialog opens. 
  2. Select the location where you wish to export a style.

To import a project style

  1. In the Symbol styles group, click the Import button. The Open dialog opens.
  2. Select the style you wish to import (*.stl).